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3 Free CNA Classes in San Francisco

Learn how to obtain free CNA training in the San Francisco bay area
***Update July 8th, 2019***

City College of San Francisco is offering a free CNA training program for established California residents currently living in San Francisco. Students can qualify for the Free City program that covers their tuition costs by completing a one-page application. The Free City college program is now being offered year round and anybody who has been considering CNA training but couldn’t afford the tuition costs should consider applying now. The CNA training program takes place at the John Adams Center located at 1860 Hayes St in San Francisco. This program will prepare students to challenge the state certification exam and will also provide successful graduates with college credits. To be eligible to enroll in the program the individual must be at least 18 years old, pass a criminal background check and drug test, place into ENGL 90 or English 86 or ESL 150, possess a current CPR certification from an AHA approved or American Red Cross approved provider. Student must also show proof of current immunizations and pass a physical exam.

CCSF CNA Program
Free City College Program

Written by Nurses Link on August 21st, 2012

In the San Francisco area, there are several ways to get free training to become a certified nurse’s aide. The need for trained nursing assistants and home health aides has been increasing in California and the rest of the country. To regulate the industry, the state of California now requires 60 hours of classroom learning and 100 hours of supervised patient care. After the course is completed, the student takes a test to become certified. The state also requires a background check that includes a fingerprint check. Details on the requirements are available on the California Department of Public Health web site.

Training Academy for Personal Caregivers and Assistants provides free training. They are an organization of caregivers whose mission is to provide high quality training for personal care providers. The organizations stays up to date with newly identified issues in the profession. They provide continuing education in some of the key areas. Free training is provided for those employed by the In-Home Supportive Services Consortium. The Consortium is a non-profit organization the works to keep seniors or those with disabilities in their home as long as possible.

California Long Term Care Education Center works to retrain workers who can no longer do former jobs. They do not have their own CNA instructors and do not always have classes available.

Many care facilities provide training classes on an occasional, if not regular basis. They comply with the California requirements, but also feature the things that they are particularly looking for in a caregiver. A CNA that does home visits will have a different emphasis than one that works in a long-term or acute care facility. The home CNA may have a more independent patient, but needs to be more observant of changes in behavior or variations from the norm. A CNA in an acute care center will deal with more immediate health problems, but will have a team for back up. Prior to signing up for a facility course, make sure they are approved by the state of California or check the Department of Public Health’s Web site.

CNA classes will include assisting with basic daily routines, changing dressings and assisting the patient with getting in and out of mobility devices. CNA’s routinely take patient vitals, assist in feeding if needed and bath the patient. Classes will teach how to lift patients without injury to the patients or the aide. A good nurse’s aide is compassionate, strong and has the ability to listen. He or she must be able to communicate with the patient and the rest of the medical team. The CNA must deal with the patients physical and emotional needs. It is not an easy job, but it can be very rewarding.

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