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Best NCLEX-PN Test Prep Course

Learn the best preparation methods for the NCLEX-PN examination

Written by Nurses Link on November 28th, 2012

The NCLEX score plays a critical role in your qualification of becoming a nurse. Most people who have pursued a career in nursing started as LPNs and worked their way to the top of the ladder. A higher NCLEX score will not only increase you chances of getting employment in many places, but will also make it easier for you to advance your career in the future. It is very critical to prepare well for the NCLEX exams since this is one area of the licensure process that you have control over. Although you are allowed by the State Health Nursing Board to take the NCLEX more than one time, this should not be taken for granted and you should be fully prepared every time you tackle this exam. After all, there is no harm in passing this exam during the first attempt. Apart from working hard, you will need a study guide that will provide you with professional instructions on how to tackle this exam and pass it.

One of the best guides available in the market is the Study Guide Zone for the NCLEX-PN test. This guide is comprehensive and gives a detailed review that covers all preparation procedures and aspects of NCLEX-PN test. This guide helps the student to gain more insight on how to tackle the test, building their confidence and increasing their probability of passing. According to the guide, NCLEX is different from other traditional academic tests because it is application-based unlike other college or high school tests that are more knowledge-based. This means that you cannot rely on memorizing facts to pass this exam, but rather on thinking quickly, logically, accurately and wisely. The licensure board aims at testing the ability of the student to maximize their performance in an unpredictable environment using the skills learned.

Study Guide Zone for the NCLEX-PN test also delves into the purpose of the NCLEX exams. Their main aim is to formulate a standard method that can be used to measure the skills that LPN graduates have acquired during their training. Skills are deemed to be very important when working in the healthcare industry. NCLEX principles are similar to the SAT’s that students must pass to join American colleges. However, NCLEX is way much complex and challenging than the SATs and requires thorough preparation to pass. One thing that comes out clearly from this guide is that NCLEX exam does not change dramatically in the years, meaning that with enough practice through tackling past tests, you stand a higher chance of passing. In the past, the NCLEX mainly consisted of multiple choice questions, but blank answers questions were recently added. However, despite these changes, the exam still tests the same nursing principles every year, so the content hasn’t changed that much.

The guide also lets the student know that you will be asked a minimum of 85 questions in the NCLEX-PN exam and a maximum of 205. The exam is mainly in a CAT format and the difficulty of questions asked varies. The computer provides you with an easier question if you fail a question and harder questions if you get it right. It is important to be well prepared to take many questions and get them right if you hope to get a good score.

This study guide is very well structured since it also gives the student the tips that will help in tackling and passing the NCLEX exams. It also provides the general strategies a student can use to maximize their chances of getting a good. The guide also summarizes the different examinable areas that are covered during NCLEX training. These include respiratory conditions, the circulatory system, cardiac failure, endocrine review, microbiology review, pharmacology and ENT among others. It also provides NCLEX-PN sample questions and answers and other valuable NCLEX resource links that can be helpful to a student. In conclusion, this guide can be quite helpful and can help a student to effectively prepare to tackle the NCLEX-PN exam.

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