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Terms of Use

Official Terms of Use for NursesLink.org (“Website”)

Please be aware that your use of this Website and participation in any discussion forums on this Website is an indication of your complete understanding and acknowledgement of the Website’s Terms of Use guidelines. Any users who are found to be in violation of the Website’s Terms of Use will be asked to refrain from visiting the Website and participating in discussions that take place on the Website.

This Website Does Not Provide Medical Advice

The Website is intended to be used as a community forum to foster discussions between current nurses as well as nursing students and those considering a career in nursing. Please do not ask for any medical or nursing feedback related to a health situation that affects you, a family member, or someone that is not a patient under your care. This is not a medical advice forum. Please be aware that the Website and/or its owners cannot be responsible for problems resulting from reliance on medical or nursing advice received here. If you have a medical problem, please seek attention from a health care provider.


Your use of the Website is at your own risk and entered into by a fully consenting individual over the age of 13 years old. By using the Website you agree to hold the Website and/or its owners harmless and indemnify the Website and/or its owners entirely from any consequences resulting in your use of the Website.

Copyrighted Material

This Website does NOT allow the posting or sharing of copyrighted material. Please do not upload, attach or post anything that is copyright or licensed without prior written consent of the owner. The Website will make an effort to identify and remove any copyrighted material that might be posted by users.