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100 Best YouTube Videos for Nurses

Enjoy 100 of the best nursing videos on youtube

Written by Aaron Ball on November 7th, 2011
Nursing Schools

Watch official videos from various nursing schools. Also includes some personal video diaries from students attending nursing programs.

1. Niehoff School of Nursing – Recent nursing grad Dan Fraczkowski gives an overview of his experience at Loyola’s nursing program and his first nursing job at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago.

2. How Hard is Nursing School – Consider this detailed account provided courtesy of Heather.

3. U of Miami School of Nursing – Introduction to the nursing school program at University of Miami. Includes a look at the facilities and technology provided by the university for its nursing students.

4. Grand Canyon University – This video briefly describes GCU’s Family Nurse Practitioner program.

5. Nursing School Tips – This might belong in the humor section…listen to this guy’s 5 suggestions on how to make your way through nursing school successfully.

6. 2nd Semester Nursing Student – Listen to this video diary from “B” about passing her first full semester of nursing school, including her study techniques and teacher expectations.

7. Sarah’s 10 Nursing School Tips – Recent nursing school graduate summarizes her 10 most important tips for current nursing students to ensure success in school and happiness in life.

8. Clinical Tips – 10 tips for nursing students entering their clinicals.

9. Do’s and Don’ts of Nursing School – Renee gives her 10 do’s and don’ts for current nursing students to help them make it through the RN degree track.

10. Pasadena City College – For anyone in Southern California looking to find a quality nursing program, check this video out!

Certified Nursing Assistants

Training videos for CNAs and for anyone thinking of becoming a CNA.

11. CNA Making an Occupied Bed – Watch this CNA provide a quick training lesson on how to make a bed while the patient is inside.

12. CNA Bathing a Patient in Bed – CNA goes through the process of properly bathing a patient while they are lying in bed.

13. Becoming a CNA Before Entering Nursing School – See why you might want to start your nursing career as a CNA before you complete an RN program.

14. Assisting with a Bedpan – Watch this North Carolina state competency exam video of how to properly change a bedpan.

15. How to Become a CNA – Very informative and brief video about the requirements for becoming a certified nursing assistant.

16. CNA Oral Care Skills – Watch a handful of CNAs demonstrate essential oral care skills on a patient.

17. 12 Commandments for CNAs – See which items top Zachary’s list of “must-dos” for nursing assistants.

18. Geriatric Nursing Assistants – See what its like to be a nursing assistant working in Geriatrics from these interviews with actual GNAs.

19. CNA Skill Training – Step by step guide to turning a patient and positioning them on their side.

20. Patient Transfer Techniques – See this detailed accounting of how to properly evaluate and transfer a patient.

Nurse Humor

Some of the funniest nursing videos on the internet, many created and uploaded by actual nurses and nursing students.

21. Nursing Vitals Comedic Routine – A group of nurses perform this hilarious song and dance routine explaining how to take patient vitals.

22. I Will Survive…Nursing School – Very funny version of 70’s disco hit remixed by two female nurses with their own lyrics and dance moves.

23. Wherever We Go – Near professional quality music video featuring Baylor University nursing students and staff members. Very entertaining!

24. Footloose – Another great creation from the nursing students and faculty at Louise Herrington School of Nursing.

25. Emergency Room Rap – This ER nursing staff leader performs a great rap routine with his nursing staff mates behind him.

26. I’m at a Code – Hilarious music video with two nurses and an auto-tune. Remix based on popular SNL video “I’m on a Boat” with Andy Samberg.

27. Funny 911 Call – This is an interesting one with a great twist at the end.

28. Lady Gaga Telephone – Nurses perform a highly entertaining parody video of the huge Lady Gaga / Beyonce hit. Choreographed dance routines performed in a hospital setting.

29. Bringing Nursing Back – Great remake of Justin Timberlake’s popular song by a cast of nurses.

30. Male Nursing Song – Quite possibly the two worst singing voices ever, but a funny song nonetheless.

Math for Nurses

Having trouble with basic nursing math calculations? See if these videos can help teach you some basic techniques for making these calculations quick and easy.

31. Nursing Calculations – Review common nursing math calculations for administering medicine and other tasks. Includes practice multiple-choice questions.

32. Drug Calculations – Review specific questions and hear Andy’s detailed explanation of how to figure out the correct answer. Focus of this training video is on the simple formula.

33. Calculating Infusion Rates – Learn how to calculate infusion rates. This lesson teaches students about the “halving method”.

34. Metric Conversions – Learn how to compute simple metric conversions by memorizing this quick 4-minute lesson on the shortcut method.

35. How to Convert Units – Watch the self-proclaimed “most entertaining unit conversion video ever made” and pick up the unit conversion skills necessary to practice nursing.

36. Paramedic Drug Calculations – Review your knowledge with these drug calculation math problems designed for paramedics but useful for nurses also.

37. Math Review for Nurses – General formulas that all nurses should be familiar and comfortable with.

38. Clinical Calculations – Practice pediatric dosages with these sample questions and view the steps required to solve the problem.

39. IV Fluid Calculations – See this explanatory video from Utah Valley University on how to properly compute IV fluid set-ups.

40. Calculating Volumes – Learn how to calculate volumes for injection.

Everything NCLEX – practice questions, study tips and review materials for the NCLEX examination.

41. How I Passed the NCLEX Part 3 – Girl goes over the review book of her choice that she used to study and eventually pass the NCLEX exam.

42. 10 NCLEX Study Tips – Listen to these 10 focused tips for studying the NCLEX exam material. Provided courtesy of nursing enthusiast Edgar Mendoza.

43. Online NCLEX Review Lecture on Shock – Part of a large online review series with in-depth lecture on the topic of shock.

44. Tricks to Pass NCLEX – Interesting alternative point-of-view on how to successfully pass the NCLEX with a few tactful test-taking strategies.

45. NCLEX-PN Study Books – Long list of book recommendations to help prepare for taking the NCLEX-PN exam.

46. 5 Question NCLEX-RN Review – Test your skills with this quick one minute video featuring 5 NCLEX-RN practice questions.

47. Pharmacology Review – Long, boring and highly informative video detailing the common pharmacology terms you need to know to pass the NCLEX exam.

48. Kaplan Flashcards for NCLEX-RN Exam – Several useful flashcards available for download on the iPhone and iPad to study different medications that are likely to appear on the NCLEX-RN exam.

49. Maternity Lecture – Prepare for the maternity questions you might encounter on the NCLEX exam with this power point style presentation.

50. Professor Nightengale’s Test Taking Strategies – Follow along with these practice NCLEX questions and see how to deconstruct the question and determine the best possible answer.

Nursing Careers

See what nurses have to say about their jobs and find out about some of the available career positions within the nursing profession.

51. Reasons to Become a Nurse – Listen to these Clemson University nursing students tell you why nursing makes a great career choice.

52. Being an Emergency Room Nurse – Let this ER nurse take you through “a day in the life” and see what its like to be an emergency room nurse.

53. Why I Became a Nurse – See what reasons motivated this young man to pursue a career as a nurse.

54. First Day at Work for an RN – Watch this newly licensed pediatric nurse make it through her first day as a registered nurse.

55. Male Nurse Interviews – Hear unique perspectives from a handful of male nurses, including why they choose nursing careers and how they feel about their job.

56. Oncology Nurse Tanisha – See what life is like at home and at work for happily employed oncology nurse Tanisha.

57. ER Nurse Laurie – See why this former Wall Street worker and mother of four decided to pursue a career in nursing at age 45.

58. Being a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse – Watch this compelling video piece about neonatal nursing and I guarantee you will learn something of value.

59. Operating Room Nurse – Detailed account of work life and job duties from an actual operating room nurse at Sibley Memorial Hospital.

60. Daily Activities of an ICU Nurse – Learn about the daily tasks and job duties performed by a nurse working in the critical care unit at a large hospital.

Nursing Job Tips

This list includes some general job interview tips and others that are specific to landing nursing jobs. Follow this solid advice to improve your chances of securing a good nursing job after graduating.

61. Nursing Pathways for CNAs – See which routs you can take in the nursing profession after starting as a CNA.

62. General Job Interview Tips – This quick and straight to the point video explains how to handle the common interview question “Tell Me About Yourself” in the best possible way.

63. New Graduate Nursing Jobs – See how hard or easy it might be to secure your first nursing job placement after graduating from a nursing program.

64. Nursing Job Interview Success – Listen to tips from Michele Kunz about how to handle your nursing job interviews and best practices to ensure that you make a solid impression on your potential employer.

65. Top 36 Job Interview Q&A – This video is great because it provides both the questions AND the answers to the most common questions encountered in interview situations. The answers are thorough and well constructed.

66. New Graduate Nurse – Young lady from California lands her first nursing job in the Emergency Room of a Texas hospital and chronicles her experience week by week.

67. How To Become a School Nurse – Simple “how to” guide on how to land a career position as a school nurse, including educational requirements, license info and job hunting tips.

68. Job Interview Tips – More great detailed tips on how to ace your upcoming job interview. Good detailed information and solid answers to tough questions.

69. Travel Nursing Economic Report – Detailed report by Greg Gumbel about the business of travel nursing and how it is helping to solve the current nursing shortage in the U.S.

70. Nursing Job Info: Pros and Cons – Listen to this RN tell you about some of the major UPS and DOWNS of a nursing career.

Online Nursing Programs

Nursing education is rapidly expanding to accommodate the large demand for nursing programs throughout the U.S. One of the ways in which academic institutions are accepting new nursing students is through distance learning programs. Learn more about specific programs and about the online learning experience in general.

71. Online RN to BSN at Kaplan – Hear Debra’s story of transitioning from an AND to a BSN and landing her ideal job as a head nurse in the OB/GYN department.

72. GCU Albuquerque Nursing Pre-Licensure Program – The name says it all. Hear a brief introduction from the Dean at Grand Canyon University about their nursing pre-licensure program and school history.

73. U of P Nursing Simulation Lab – Learn about what goes on in the nursing simulation lab at the University of Phoenix College of Nursing. See how this online school is using technology in nursing education to prepare its students for real life situations.

74. Baker College Online RN to BSN – Learn more about the online degree program for current Registered Nurses seeking to complete their BSN degree. See what the teaching philosophy consists of and what to expect from the curriculum.

75. Chamberlain College of Nursing Online RN to BSN – Explore the nursing career ladder programs available online at Chamberlain. Hear from actual students and recent graduates about how their experience was at this university.

76. Kaplan School of Nursing President – See how Kaplan creates its curriculum to better serve students in preparing them for today’s job market and actual employer demands.

77. Liberty University Nursing Simulation Lab – Sit on an actual lab experience as part of Liberty University’s online nursing school program. See how students apply their knowledge in a clinical practice setting.

78. Online Nursing School Graduate – Hear from Kathy Getchel about what its like to complete your nursing education online, including what motivated her to enter the program and what career steps she was able to make after completing her degree.

79. Distance Learning / Working From Home – Unique video breaking down the myths of working from home and pointing out some of the negative aspects of such arrangements.

80. Online Nursing School Faculty Member – Hear directly from an assistant professor at Liberty University’s online school of nursing to learn more about their program offerings and teaching philosophy.

Nurse Education

These videos cover a variety of nursing education topics ranging from minimum education requirements to various teaching methods commonly used in nursing school programs.

81. How to Become a Nurse Anesthetist – Learn the basic steps and education requirements to become a licensed CRNA.

82. Obama Addresses the Nursing Shortage – President Obama’s response to a concerned RN who brings to his attention the severe upcoming nursing shortage that we are facing due to a lack of nursing educators.

83. Simulation Learning for Nurses – See how nurses can learn clinical skills through live simulation routines.

84. Research in Nursing – Listen to this U of Iowa professor explain how research is a part of nursing education and the student learning experience.

85. Duke’s SecondLife Learning – Get a first-hand look at the complex learning system known as “SecondLife” at the Duke University School of Nursing.

86. Nursing School Classes – Heather gives viewers an in-depth description of the classes she is taking as part of her nursing school curriculum.

87. Evolution of Nursing Education – Nice documentary piece put together by Wesleyan University student examining the changes that have taken place in nursing education from the 1950’s until now.

88. 101 Nursing Tips – Learn 101 different nursing skills and facts. Lesson taught by advanced practice nurse with MSN degree.

89. RN Education Requirements – interested in becoming a Registered Nurse? Learn about education and license requirements for an RN.

90. Future of Nursing – Informative lecture on the future of nursing and healthcare delivered by university professor. Features 8 goals on how to improve quality of patient care and delivery of healthcare services within our system.

Nursing Students

First hand accounts of nursing school experiences and video diaries from current nursing students. Learn more about what its like to be a nursing student in today’s academic environment.

91. Confessions of a Nursing Student Part 3 – Anyone considering nursing school might want to see what this young lady has to say…

92. Nursing Student Advice – Tips from international nursing students.

93. Life as a Senior Nursing Major – Breakdown of daily schedule of a senior student in a college nursing program, including course load, labs/clinicals, study groups, etc.

94. Mature Nursing Student – Robin gives an account of what its like to be an older nursing student while also maintaining her current life as a wife and mother.

95. Introduction to Nursing School – Nicely done video project documenting the initial nursing school experience. Accompanied by a soundtrack and edited very well.

96. Starting IVs in Nursing School – Expert nursing student Heather gives a detailed tutorial on how to start IVs the right way.

97. Getting Organized for Nursing School – First year nursing student gives pointers on how to organize yourself in preparation for nursing school.

98. Why Are You a Nursing Student? – See why these San Jose State University nursing students chose to pursue a career in the nursing profession.

99. Male Nursing Students – See how these male nursing students feel knowing that they are the vast minority within the nursing profession.

100. NurseTV: Student Nurses – Watch this popular Australian TV program made for nurses and by nurses.

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