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How to Find Free CNA Classes

Learn how to find free CNA training opportunities near you

Written by Nurses Link on July 19th, 2012

Many people are wondering how they can find free CNA classes to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. This article will teach you the different methods for finding free CNA training courses.

Nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospice care facilities and senior housing communities are some of the largest employers for nurse aides. The reason is because they are required to have a certain minimum number of health care providers on staff per a certain number of patients. Minimum staffing requirements are determined by the state in which the facility operates and differ from state to state. For example, a senior living facility in California might have 1200 residents and the state of CA might require 1 nurse aide to be present for every 15 residents. Since not every nurse aide can work 24-7 they must hire beyond that amount to make sure they are meeting the minimum staffing requirements at all times. Therefore, a facility like this might need to have 120 nurse aides on their payroll in order to operate according to state guidelines.

To meet their high nurse aide staffing requirements many of these facilities offer free CNA training on-site in exchange for a promise of employment at their facility upon completion and certification. These training opportunities are not always widely advertised, so many times it is up to the individual to seek out such opportunities. This can be done by contacting local nursing homes and assisted living centers and inquiring with their Human Resources manager about hiring and training opportunities.

The second way to obtain CNA training for free is to qualify for some sort of financial aid, scholarship or grant that will allow one to take CNA classes at a local community college free of charge. Financial assistance is typically awarded on either a merit-basis or a need-basis, so the individual will have to meet certain qualifying requirements for these options to be viable. The best approach to securing financial aid to cover the costs of a CNA training program is to cast a wide net and apply for as many different programs as possible. That way you increase your chances of landing the funding that you need to complete your CNA education.

Another way to find free CNA training is by searching for free CNA classes online. Granted this is not entirely free because the physical skills training must still be completed at a nearby facility and that cost will be separate. There are many organizations that offer the classroom learning materials in an online format and many of them are free of cost. These can easily be found using a simple google search.

Although CNA training is not greatly expensive, free is always a good way to go. Education and credentials increase your earnings power and if you can find ways to obtain those qualifications for free it is wise to invest the time in your future.

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