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Nursing Program Scholarship

Scholarship Deadline: July 31st (Every Year)

NursesLink.org is offering a $1,000 Nursing Program Scholarship available to any student participating in a qualified undergraduate or certificate level nursing program. This award is given out once every year. The official rules and regulations are listed below.

online schools qualify

graduate students not accepted

award must be paid out within 6 months

completed application plus 500-800 word essay

exclusive opportunity for nursing students only

winner will be notified within 30 days of application deadline

$1,000 award can be used towards any qualified nursing education program

$1,000 NursesLink.org Nursing Program Scholarship

Can be awarded to anyone currently enrolled or enrolling in the next 6 months in an undergraduate or certificate level nursing education program.

Students participating in transitional programs such as RN to BSN or LPN to BSN qualify for this scholarship. Students enrolling or enrolled in nursing programs offered by online schools qualify also. Master’s and Doctorate level students do not qualify for this scholarship.

The purpose of this scholarship award is to help nursing students to pay for the costs of education, based on merit.

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Selection Criteria

The winning applicant will be selected based on the merit of their application and scholarship essay. The winner will be selected by the administrative staff of NursesLink.org, based upon the merit of their application package. Approximately 1/3 of the weight will come from the formal application and 2/3 of the weight will come from the essay. The formal application criteria are a combination of GPA, extra curricular activities and employment history (if applicable). The criteria considered in the essay is the author’s ability to present a meaningful answer that speaks directly to the essay question and provides insightful facts to support their claims.

Essay Question

The 500-800 word essay for the 2017 Nursing Program Scholarship (deadline July 31st 2017) will ask the student to address the following:

Nursing job openings are becoming increasingly competitive. Imagine yourself in a group interview situation with nine other newly licensed nurses all competing for the same position. Describe how you would present yourself to the potential employer and convince them to hire you rather than the other applicants.

Announcing the Winner

The winner will be notified via email and regular mail within 30 days of the application deadline. After a winner is selected the candidate will be asked to furnish a transcript from their most recent academic institution for GPA verification purposes. If the candidate is unable to provide such documentation or if the actual GPA differs from the GPA stated on their application NursesLink.org reserves the right to revoke the award and present it to another applicant. The award must be paid in one full payment via check directly to a qualifying education program, such as a community college, four-year university or vocational school. The award must be paid out within 6 months of notification to winner. Scholarship recipient’s name, city and state may be posted on NursesLink.org on a page of the site dedicated to showcasing previous scholarship winners.

Official Rules

Interested students must submit a formal application and an essay. The essay must be between 500-800 words, typed on 8 ½ x 11 paper, using standard margins and size 12 font. The application should be completed as thoroughly as possible and all information must be entirely truthful. Graduate level students will not be considered. Letters of recommendation are not required and will not be accepted to preserve fairness. Any applications found to contain false information and/or plagiarized essays will be immediately disqualified. All essays must be entirely original and must be the sole work of the applicant themselves. All application essays and their publishing rights will become the intellectual and real property of NursesLink.org. If NursesLink.org or one of its affiliates publishes an applicant’s essay the applicants name will not be identified. If an applicant wishes not to have their essay published they can opt-out by sending an email communication to privacy@nurseslink.org with the phrase “Opt-Out” in the subject line and their first name, last name and email address in the body section of the email.

Equal Opportunity Consideration

NursesLink.org does not discriminate based on age, race, sex, religion, disability status or sexual preference. All applicants will be considered equally and judged based on the merits of their application and essay. NursesLink.org has complete and total discretion to select its scholarship winner/s.

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NursesLink.org is offering a opportunity for any interested individuals, companies or organizations to contribute money to nursing students through one of NursesLink.org’s unique scholarship opportunities. Inquire via email: maya.joseph@nurseslink.org

The application process for NursesLink.org’s scholarships is highly competitive. We strongly suggest that interested students submit their application as soon as possible.

Applications must be received by the deadline of July 31st, 2017 11:59PM PST in order to be considered.

Contact Us

Please direct any questions, comments or complaints to the Scholarship Coordinator, Maya Joseph: maya.joseph@nurseslink.org
730 Woodland Ave
San Leandro, CA 94577