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Scholarship Winners

Now Announcing the recipient of the most recent $1,000 Nursing Program Scholarship:
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Iris Weiss from Akron, OH
attending the University of Akron

“My name is Iris Weiss and although my first Bachelor’s degree is in Family and Child Development, I have always wanted to work directly with people in the medical field. When I was a child I had the same family physician for several years, but only saw him a few times. It was the same nurse that always took my vitals and administered any immunizations needed. Upon noticing this, I researched the difference between doctors and nurses, and learned that I wanted to be the one that people depended on and trusted most in providing care. I wanted to be a nurse. As a first generation college graduate, instead of discontinuing attending school, I pushed forward working towards a degree so that I could make a living for myself, and to help my family. Currently I work for a senior home care company called Visiting Angels, in which I have been employed five years. I am a dedicated and reliable employee that values providing optimal services to my clients. I will carry the work ethic I have enhanced in working with this company into my nursing career, making my patients the number one priority. I want to be an advocate for individuals that are ill, and an educator to those with health knowledge deficits to assist our society in becoming healthier.

I know that if I want anything, I have to be persistent and go after it. The road is not always going to be easy, and so I accept challenges with an open mind, while striving to do my best. I am a devout Christian who knows that God has planned for me to help people, and for that I am able to truly enjoy and have fun in assisting people as a nurse in any specialty area. I have always been an extrovert, a people person that communicates well with individuals from various backgrounds. Aside from interacting with patients, I realize how essential it is to communicate with other nurses and health team members to provide the best care and receive optimal outcomes concerning our patients. I don’t allow my personal life or anyone else’s to interfere with my work, and I am comfortable enough with my own ethical beliefs to understand that each person is an individual with their own set of beliefs and values. I am an individual that respects and upholds nursing practice standards to the highest degree, and want my patients to know that I care about their life, and that I will do everything I can to get them the help they need when I am not able to provide it myself.

I have not participated in many extracurricular activities due to my obligation to work. Most of my work history involves working directly with elderly individuals, or those that are mentally or physically disabled. I have been known to work over and off of the clock in order to assist the individuals I work for with extra activities they wanted to participate in, yet had no family or friends to accompany them.”

– Iris Weiss, NursesLink.org Scholarship Winner

NursesLink.org is offering a $1,000 Nursing Program Scholarship available to any student participating in a qualified undergraduate or certificate level nursing program. This award is given out once every year. The official rules and regulations are listed below.

$1,000 NursesLink.org Nursing Program Scholarship

Can be awarded to anyone currently enrolled or enrolling in the next 6 months in an undergraduate or certificate level nursing education program.

Students participating in transitional programs such as RN to BSN or LPN to BSN qualify for this scholarship. Students enrolling or enrolled in nursing programs offered by online schools qualify also. Master’s and Doctorate level students do not qualify for this scholarship.

The purpose of this scholarship award is to help nursing students to pay for the costs of education, based on merit.

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