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Missouri LPN Programs

Directory of state-approved LPN training classes

Being a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is not a typical occupation. This position requires individuals who have a strong desire to help others and dedicate their work to assisting those in need. Practical nurses receive wages and benefits just like other occupations, but their work itself is much different. Successful nurses are compassionate, dedicated, caring, and willing to put other people’s needs ahead of their own. This skill set combined with strong knowledge of medical terminology and the use of various pieces of medical equipment make up the ideal practical nursing candidate.

After completing the required steps to become a certified LPN in Missouri, individuals must embark upon their career path. This starts by seeking LPN employment opportunities which can be found in hospitals, health clinics, long-term care facilities, private medical offices, nursing homes, Alzheimer’s and dementia treatment centers, public health facilities and assisted living centers. Due to nursing shortages and patient-to-caretaker requirements, the demand for hiring LPNs is fairly strong. Finding your first LPN job can take anywhere between 1-3 months. After you accept a position it is wise to remain in the position for at least one year. Ideal job candidates have the ability to hold positions for extended periods of time and hold several years of work experience in their field.

On the first day of your new job as an LPN you might be called upon to perform a variety of tasks. LPN job duties are vast and there are too many individual responsibilities to name, but a few basic tasks include monitoring patients, recording patient’s input/output, documenting reactions to medications, recording changes in status/condition, assisting patient with bathing, feeding, toileting and maintaining the patient environment. Practical nurses spend the most time with the patients under their watch and will check on them multiple times during each work shift. The reports maintained by LPNs will be used by doctors and/or registered nurses to create treatment plans and monitor their results.

For LPNs who prefer more clerical work and less hands-on patient interaction there are opportunities to work in small private doctors or dentists offices. Depending on the type of practice the physician has, these positions might be more suitable for those seeking more stable patients. These types of jobs might also include a large amount of desk work such as scheduling appointments, maintaining extensive patient records, answering phones, communicating via email/fax with insurance companies and general office maintenance.

List of LPN Programs in Missouri (MO)

Bethany (MO) LPN Programs

Bolivar (MO) LPN Programs

Boonville (MO) LPN Programs

Cape Girardeau (MO) LPN Programs

Carthage (MO) LPN Programs

Clinton (MO) LPN Programs

Cottleville (MO) LPN Programs

Eldon (MO) LPN Programs

Fenton (MO) LPN Programs

Hannibal (MO) LPN Programs

Harrisonville (MO) LPN Programs

Hayti (MO) LPN Programs

Hillsboro (MO) LPN Programs

Houston (MO) LPN Programs

Jefferson City (MO) LPN Programs

Joplin (MO) LPN Programs

Kansas City (MO) LPN Programs

Kennett (MO) LPN Programs

Kirksville (MO) LPN Programs

Lebanon (MO) LPN Programs

Lexington (MO) LPN Programs

Marshall (MO) LPN Programs

Maryville (MO) LPN Programs

Mexico (MO) LPN Programs

Moberly (MO) LPN Programs

Nevada (MO) LPN Programs

Park Hills (MO) LPN Programs

Platte City (MO) LPN Programs

Poplar Bluff (MO) LPN Programs

Reeds Spring (MO) LPN Programs

Rolla (MO) LPN Programs

Saint Joseph (MO) LPN Programs

Saint Peters (MO) LPN Programs

Sedalia (MO) LPN Programs

Sikeston (MO) LPN Programs

Springfield (MO) LPN Programs

Sunset Hills (MO) LPN Programs

Trenton (MO) LPN Programs

Warrensburg (MO) LPN Programs

Washington (MO) LPN Programs

Waynesville (MO) LPN Programs

Wellston (MO) LPN Programs

West Plains (MO) LPN Programs

Missouri LPN Schools

Our directory lists all Missouri schools that currently offer approved practical nursing programs. The Missouri state board of nursing is the regulatory organization in charge of approving LPN education programs. To gain approval, educational institutions must demonstrate to the board of nursing that their program sufficiently prepares students with the knowledge and skills expected of a licensed practical nurse. The on-going approval of a program depends largely upon their graduation rates and the NCLEX pass rates of their graduates. If a program starts to produce poor results in either of these two categories they can quickly lose their state approval or be placed on probationary approval status until their results improve.

Required LPN Classes in Missouri

The specific course work required in practical nursing programs can differ from institution to institution. However, there are some subjects that are almost always included in most programs. Typical LPN classes include Anatomy & Physiology, Basic Nursing Skills, Nutrition, Math for Nurses, Psychology and Pharmacology. Topics covered within these subjects prepare students with the knowledge base required to perform the work of a licensed practical nurse.

How to Become an LPN in Missouri

Start the process by researching available education programs to find one that suits your schedule and preferences. The next step is to enroll and complete an LPN training program that is approved by the Missouri Board of Nursing. Most LPN programs take roughly one year to finish. Upon successful completion of all course requirements you are eligible to challenge the NCLEX-PN exam. After passing the test you can register with the state of Missouri as a licensed practical nurse and begin searching for employment.