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Fort Dodge (IA) LPN Training Programs

Find LPN training classes and online LPN programs in Fort Dodge, IA

LPN Certification Programs in Fort Dodge, IA

Colleges, universities, hospitals, vocational schools and private educational institutions in Iowa offer LPN courses that meet the requirements set forth by the Iowa State Board of Nursing. To become an LPN the individual must complete a state approved course and then pass the NCLEX-PN exam. The training can be completed in approximately one year and includes both classroom study and hands-on clinical skills practice. After passing the exam the individual will be issued their LPN certification and can begin practicing in Fort Dodge, IA. Prospective students should perform their due diligence by researching the program carefully before enrolling.

The practical nurse (also called vocational nurse or LVN) works under direct supervision of a doctor or Registered Nurse. LPNs daily job duties include maintaining and updating medical records, observing patient conditions, taking vital signs, establishing IV lines to deliver fluids and administering medications. Practical nurses deal directly with patients and work closely with a team of healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care. Practical nurses can find employment in private medical offices, healthcare clinics, assisted living centers, nursing facilities, home health care, hospitals, convalescent homes or research facilities. Hospitals in Fort Dodge are the largest employer of LPNs by sheer volume.

LPN Schools in Fort Dodge (IA)

Iowa Central Community College

Health Science Department
One Triton Circle
Fort Dodge, IA 50501
Phone: 800-362-2793

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