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CNA Training Classes in Nebraska

Free guide to CNA training classes and education programs in Nebraska (NE)

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) career is an exciting career that puts the individual at the forefront of patient care. CNAs provide essential basic care under the direction of supervising nurse staff members. The CNA helps patients go on with their everyday lives despite injury or illness. CNAs work in hospitals, nursing homes, and long term care and rehabilitation centers. The duties of the CNA include feeding, dressing, and bathing patients, taking patient vital signs, keeping patient rooms orderly, setting up medical equipment, assisting with some procedures, and observing and noting changes in a patient’s condition or behavior. To become a CNA, the candidate must attend school to complete CNA training. Some CNAs use the field as a stepping stone to becoming a registered nurse (RN), the next level in the nursing profession. Additional schooling and certifications are required to gain RN credentials.

How Can I Find CNA Training Programs Near Me?

Browse our list of Nebraska schools that offer CNA training courses to become a certified nursing assistant. Nurse aide programs are usually offered at community colleges, junior colleges, trade schools and technical/vocational schools. Our directory includes as many CNA programs as possible, but is not complete as there may be additional CNA programs that are not listed here. Many long-term care facilities offer CNA training to current employees and trainees. In many cases these programs are not widely advertised, but can be discovered by contacting the facilities directly. Use our custom school search tool to identify CNA training programs near you with open enrollment.

How Much Can You Make as a CNA in Nebraska?

CNA salaries are very much dependent on experience and local economic factors. The average CNA salary in Nebraska is $48,466 per year. Gaining experience, salaries and benefits will likely increase. There is high professional demand for CNAs, and finding employment after certification should not prove especially difficult.

How to Become a CNA in Nebraska

CNA training is a two-part process, involving both theoretical concepts and working skills. Starting out in training, the candidate will learn how to provide essential care to invalid adults; how to protect patient safety; how to prevent infection (in both themselves and their patients); effective feeding techniques for various medical conditions; and how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and life support. Training goes on from there to address a number of other critical areas of care. CNA training is comprehensive, and the candidate will graduate being fully prepared to perform the functions of a professional nursing assistant. After school, the candidate will sit for and must successfully pass the certification exam for his or her state. After passing the exam, the candidate’s name will be added to the state Nurse Aide Registry denoting active certification.

In Nebraska, CNA programs are offered at many community colleges throughout the state, along with some private training institutions. To learn more, one can simply contact one of the programs listed on this page. One can also inquire at local nursing facilities to get recommendations and referrals. In any event, CNA training is widely available in Nebraska, and interested individuals can easily find schools that offer appropriate training programs.

Can I Transfer My CNA License to Nebraska?

You can apply for a Nebraska CNA license by way of reciprocity through the Nebraska State Board of Nursing. If reciprocity is granted you will then need to request to be included on the Nebraska nurse aide registry list so that your license can be verified by potential employers.

How Much Does CNA Training Cost? How Long Does it Take?

Most CNA training programs will take place at a community college, technical/vocational college or a private nursing school. In some cases, nursing facilities provide their own CNA training programs. Generally, there is tuition involved with the training, but in some cases it may actually be free. In any event, those who qualify will be able to get financial aid to assist with tuition. The CNA course is relatively short, requiring only six to twelve weeks to complete. Specialties and advanced training may also be available, which would extend the length of training.

CNA Training Programs in Nebraska (NE)

Bryan LGH College of Health Sciences Nursing Assistant Program – Lincoln

5035 Everett Street, Lincoln, NE 68506

Clarkson College – Omaha

101 South 42nd Street, Omaha, NE 68131

Metropolitan Community College CNA Class – Omaha

Fort Omaha Campus, Omaha, NE 68103

Mid-Plains Community College CNA Training Course – McCook

1205 East 3rd Street, McCook, Nebraska 69001

Nebraska Methodist College Nurse Aide Program – Omaha

720 North 87th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68114

Northeast Community College – Norfolk

801 East Benjamin Avenue, Norfolk, NE 68702

Northeast Community College CNA Training Program – S. Sioux City

3309 Daniels Lane, South Sioux City, NE 68776

Northeast Community College Nurse Aide Training – West Point

202 Anna Stalp, West Point, Nebraska 68788

Northeast Community College Nursing Assistant Course – O’Neill

409 East Adams Street, O’Neill, Nebraska 68763

Southeast Community College – Hebron

Blue Valley Lutheran Nursing Home, 220 Park Ave., Hebron, Nebraska 68370

Southeast Community College – Wahoo, South Haven

1400 Mark Dr., Wahoo, NE 68066

Southeast Community College – Nebraska City

1800 14th Ave., Nebraska City, NE 68410

Southeast Community College Continuing Education Center – Lincoln

301 South 68th Street Place, Lincoln, Nebraska 68510

Southeast Community College Nurse Aide Training Course – Tecumseh

1133 North 3rd Street, Tecumseh, Nebraska 68450

Southeast Community College Nurse Aide Training Program – Beatrice

4771 West Scott Rd., Jackson Hall Room 215, Beatrice, NE 68310