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CNA Training Classes in Delaware

Find local CNA courses near you to earn your CNA certification in Delaware

In the State of Delaware, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are people who have completed State specific requirements in order to become certified in caring for the basic needs of the sick, elderly, and/or disabled. The process of becoming certified in Delaware involves the completion of 75+ hours of CNA course work with 100 hours of clinical experience, passing a Certified Nursing Assistant Exam, and submitting a comprehensive background check. This background check includes two fingerprint cards, photo identification, two passport size photos, immunization records, and a negative tuberculosis test taken within the last six months. It is required that the applicant also submit records of their high school diploma or a general education diploma (GED). Annual license renewals are required and the fee is approximately $50 dollars due by the licensee’s date of birth each year.

What is the Job Description for a CNA?

A Certified Nursing Assistant has many responsibilities. The highest priority is safety; both for the client being cared for and the assistant. Safety means that all aspects of health are in check including physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. Many organizations have ways to ensure that their residents can exercise their faith on a routine basis, and it is the responsibility of the CNA to respect the beliefs of his/her clients by ensuring they are allowed to practice their belief systems. Physical health of residents includes some basic care skills as well as some higher risk activities that may require specialized training such as dementia care for patients who require higher levels of sensitive care. Toileting, bathing, dressing, and feeding patients are very common responsibilities for a nursing assistant.

Mental and emotional health of clients is a part of the job that demands that the nursing assistant be aware to the needs of the patient. The facility residents are people who may be disabled or challenged in certain ways, but they still like to have conversation, to know the plan of action that the aide is taking, and to enjoy mental stimulation to keep their mind strong and healthy. The nurse aide position demands workers who are sensitive, social, and knowledgeable to perform tasks that keep patients enjoying their lives safely and with dignity. A potential aide should be someone who loves people and can be satisfied knowing that he/she is helping their community in a positive and caring manner.

How Much Can You Make as a CNA in Delaware?

The average CNA salary in Delaware is currently $45,108 per year. CNA certification must be renewed every 24 months, but there is no fee. All American Healthcare is the largest employer of CNAs in the state of Delaware with an average CNA salary of $49,425 per year.

How to Become a CNA in Delaware

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Delaware you must complete the required training at a DLTCRP approved nurse aid training program.  This consists of 75 hours of training, including 37.5 clinical hours.

The second step is to take the Delaware CNA certification exam and achieve a passing score. The third and final step is to register with the Delaware Nurse Aide Registry as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Can I Transfer My CNA License to Delaware?

If you are a certified nursing assistant from another state and have just moved to Delaware you can apply to the Nursing Aide Registry in Delaware for what is called “reciprocity”. As long as you can provide verification that you completed a state approved CNA certification program, are currently certified in another state, and have worked as a CNA recently. You would not need to take the Delaware exam or training if you are granted reciprocity. All CNA licenses need to be renewed every two years and must have worked a minimum of 160 hours within those two years.

Finding the Right CNA Training Course

See our list of available CNA programs throughout Delaware. The CNA course list includes several approved CNA training programs, but is not exhaustive and there may be additional programs available as well. Many nursing homes offer qualified CNA programs for individuals seeking employment at that particular nursing facility. We try to keep our listings as updated as possible, but we recommend that students verify current program offerings with each CNA school directly before enrolling.

CNA Training Programs in Delaware

Always Care Health Services, Inc. – Dover

1203 College Park Dr, Dover, DE 19904

Beebe Medical Center School Of Nursing – Lewes

424 Savannah Rd, Lewes, DE 19958

Camtech, Inc. – Seaford

563 North Hall St, Seaford, DE 19973

Camtech, Inc. CNA Class – Newport

240 North James St, Newport, DE 19804

Courtland Manor CNA Program – Dover

889 South Little Creek Rd, Dover, DE 19901

Dawn Training Center Nurse Aide Program – Wilmington

3700 Lancaster Pike, Wilmington, DE 19805

Delaware Skill Center CNA Program – Wilmington

13th And Clifford Brown Walk, Wilmington, DE 19801

Delaware Technical Community College – Terry Campus

100 Campus Dr, Dover, DE 19901

Delaware Technical Community College CNA Program – Georgetown Campus

P.O. Box 610, Rt. 18, Georgetown, DE 19947

Delaware Technical Community College Nurse Aide Training – Wilmington Campus

333 Shipley St, Wilmington, DE 19801

Elite School Of Nursing, LLC. Prestbury Square Building – Newark

15 Chestnut Hill Road, Newark, DE 19713

Hands Medical Healthcare Services, Inc. CNA Class – Smyrna

230 North Union St, Smyrna, DE 19977

Hodgson Vocational Technical High School – Newark

2575 Glasgow Ave, Newark, DE 19702

Howard High School Of Technology CNA Course – Wilmington

401 East 12th St, Wilmington, DE 19801

Lee Training Institute CNA Training Program – Wilmington

623 West Newport Pike, Wilmington, DE 19804

Milford Center Nurse Aide Program

700 Marvel Rd, Milford, DE 19963

Poly Tech Adult Education CNA Training Program – Woodside

823 Walnut Shadelaware Road, Woodside, DE 19980

Poly Tech High School Nurse Aide Course – Woodside

P.O. Box 97, Woodside, DE 19980

Silver Lake Center Nursing Assistant Training – Dover

1080 Silver Lake Blvd, Dover, DE 19904

Stockley Center – Georgetown

26351 Patriots Way, Georgetown, DE 19947

Sussex Tech Adult Education Division CNA Training Course – Georgetown

17099 County Seat Highway, Georgetown, DE 19947

Sussex Technical High School – Georgetown

P.O. Box 351, Georgetown, DE 19947

Tri-State Technical Nurse Aide Course – Laurel

106 East Market St, Laurel, DE 19956

Wilmington Job Corps Center Nurse Aide Training

9 Vandever Ave, Wilmington, DE 19802