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Texas LPN Programs

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Licensed Practical Nurse Careers in Texas (TX)

Nursing is one of the most well-respected professions and is an absolute necessity within the American workforce. Nurses provide the majority of patient-level care in hospitals, nursing homes and most types of medical care facilities. Practical nurses perform nearly all of the same duties as registered nurses, with the exception of a few higher-level duties that LPNs are not licensed for. Their workload is heavy, work shifts are long and the scope of their practice is wide. This is not an easy job and requires dedicated individuals who have a genuine passion for the craft of nursing.

Being a licensed practical nurse in Texas can afford the individual a nice lifestyle. The average annual LPN salary in Texas is $44,000 and the cost of living in Texas is well below the national average. This combination indicates that a Texas LPN should be able to afford to live comfortably and receive good compensation for their work efforts. Beyond salary, many full-time LPN positions carry health benefits packages and might even include optional retirement plans.

As far as career advancement opportunities, LPNs can become Charge Nurses, Registered Nurses or even Nurse Practitioners. These options would require additional schooling, work experience and professional licensing. These alternative careers would provide greater level of job responsibilities and higher average salaries. If a current LPN wants to earn more money and continue working in the nursing field these make great choices.

An individual can enter the profession relatively quickly and the cost of completing the education and licensing requirements is much smaller than most four-year degree programs or trade school programs. For someone seeking a good-paying job that includes meaningful work the LPN position is worth considering. LPNs get a lot of hands-on experience working as a health care provider and have the opportunity to interact directly with patients starting on their very first day of work.

List of LPN Programs in Texas (TX)

Alpine (TX) LPN Programs

Alvin (TX) LPN Programs

Amarillo (TX) LPN Programs

Andrews (TX) LPN Programs

Arlington (TX) LPN Programs

Austin (TX) LPN Programs

Baytown (TX) LPN Programs

Beeville (TX) LPN Programs

Big Spring (TX) LPN Programs

Borger (TX) LPN Programs

Brady (TX) LPN Programs

Brenham (TX) LPN Programs

Brownsville (TX) LPN Programs

Bryan (TX) LPN Programs

Carthage (TX) LPN Programs

Childress (TX) LPN Programs

Comanche (TX) LPN Programs

Conroe (TX) LPN Programs

Corpus Christi (TX) LPN Programs

Cypress (TX) LPN Programs

Dallas (TX) LPN Programs

El Paso (TX) LPN Programs

Fort Worth (TX) LPN Programs

Galveston (TX) LPN Programs

Grand Prairie (TX) LPN Programs

Harlingen (TX) LPN Programs

Hillsboro (TX) LPN Programs

Houston (TX) LPN Programs

Huntsville (TX) LPN Programs

Kaufman (TX) LPN Programs

Kerrville (TX) LPN Programs

Killeen (TX) LPN Programs

Kingwood (TX) LPN Programs

Lake Jackson (TX) LPN Programs

Laredo (TX) LPN Programs

Levelland (TX) LPN Programs

Longview (TX) LPN Programs

Lubbock (TX) LPN Programs

Lufkin (TX) LPN Programs

Mcallen (TX) LPN Programs

Mount Pleasant (TX) LPN Programs

New Braunfels (TX) LPN Programs

Odessa (TX) LPN Programs

Orange (TX) LPN Programs

Palestine (TX) LPN Programs

Pampa (TX) LPN Programs

Paris (TX) LPN Programs

Pharr (TX) LPN Programs

Plainview (TX) LPN Programs

Port Arthur (TX) LPN Programs

San Angelo (TX) LPN Programs

San Antonio (TX) LPN Programs

Snyder (TX) LPN Programs

Sweetwater (TX) LPN Programs

Taylor (TX) LPN Programs

Temple (TX) LPN Programs

Texarkana (TX) LPN Programs

Texas City (TX) LPN Programs

Tomball (TX) LPN Programs

Tyler (TX) LPN Programs

Uvalde (TX) LPN Programs

Van Alstyne (TX) LPN Programs

Victoria (TX) LPN Programs

Waco (TX) LPN Programs

Weatherford (TX) LPN Programs

Weslaco (TX) LPN Programs

Wharton (TX) LPN Programs

Wichita Falls (TX) LPN Programs

Woodville (TX) LPN Programs

Texas LPN Schools

Our directory lists all Texas schools that currently offer approved practical nursing programs. The Texas state board of nursing is the regulatory organization in charge of approving LPN education programs. To gain approval, educational institutions must demonstrate to the board of nursing that their program sufficiently prepares students with the knowledge and skills expected of a licensed practical nurse. The on-going approval of a program depends largely upon their graduation rates and the NCLEX pass rates of their graduates. If a program starts to produce poor results in either of these two categories they can quickly lose their state approval or be placed on probationary approval status until their results improve.

Required LPN Classes in Texas

The specific course work required in practical nursing programs can differ from institution to institution. However, there are some subjects that are almost always included in most programs. Typical LPN classes include Anatomy & Physiology, Basic Nursing Skills, Nutrition, Math for Nurses, Psychology and Pharmacology. Topics covered within these subjects prepare students with the knowledge base required to perform the work of a licensed practical nurse.

How to Become an LPN in Texas

Start the process by researching available education programs to find one that suits your schedule and preferences. The next step is to enroll and complete an LPN training program that is approved by the Texas Board of Nursing. Most LPN programs take roughly one year to finish. Upon successful completion of all course requirements you are eligible to challenge the NCLEX-PN exam. After passing the test you can register with the state of Texas as a licensed practical nurse and begin searching for employment.

Taking the NCLEX-PN Exam in Texas

When it comes time to challenge the practical nursing license exam it is advisable to prepare for the exam with a self-study program or classroom prep course. Knowing what to expect on the actual test and completing practice questions can increase your chances of passing. When you feel ready to take the test, apply for your practical nursing license with the Texas state board of nursing and register with Pearson VUE. There is a $200 fee required in order to register for the exam. The next step is to wait until you receive confirmation of your Authorization to Test (ATT). Once you receive your ATT you can schedule your NCLEX exam with Pearson VUE at a nearby testing center.

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