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California LPN Programs

Find LPN classes near you to earn your California practical nurse certificate

If you are interested in careers in the health care industry, there are many different specialties to choose from. Becoming a licensed practical nurse, also known as a vocational nurse, can give you a career that you can rely on for life. Practical nurses are trained medical professionals that work under the supervision of doctors or registered nurses in virtually all types of health care facilities.

Practical Nursing in California can prove to be a lucrative career choice for those seeking to help others by providing the best patient care possible. Also known as Vocational Nurses, LPNs / LVNs work under the direct supervision of a physician or Registered Nurse (R.N.) and assist with patient care, documentation, administering medicine (according to supervising medical professional’s guidelines), and other standard nursing tasks. The LPN position is a step above a CNA and one step below an RN, so it serves as a good middle ground to gain experience.

There are four different methods by which an individual can obtain an LPN license in California. Method one is to complete an accredited LPN training program consisting of 1,530 hours of teaching. 576 hours must be dedicated to theory and 54 hours must be focused on pharmacology. Most schools will require a criminal background check prior to admittance. Upon completion the applicant will need to pass the NCLEX-PN examination. Method two is by graduating from an out-of-state approved LPN program and applying for reciprocity in California. Method three is to demonstrate completion of equivalent education and experience, including proof of 54 hours of classroom learning in pharmacology, a minimum of 51 months of paid bedside nursing practice, and physical verification of skill proficiency. Method four is by way of being a corpsman in the U.S. military. Individuals pursuing licensure via this method must show proof of completion of twelve months of active military duty in which the individual provided bedside patient care. They must also show proof that they have completed a basic nursing course in a branch of the armed forces and that they were honorably discharged.

Once you become an LPN in California you will be required to renew your license every two years. If you miss the deadline you will be required to complete 30 hours of continuing education courses before you can be reinstated. The state agency in charge of LVN licensure, renewals, complaints, etc is the California Board of Vocational Nursing, 2535 Capital Oaks Dr., Suite 205, Sacramento, CA 95833, (916) 263-7800.

Job outlook for LVNs in California is positive due to high current demand and expected future job growth. Demand for LVNs is projected to grow at a rate 5% above the national average over the next 10 years. LVN jobs are concentrated in major metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland and Los Angeles. Median annual salaries for LVNs in California ranges between $45,000-$60,000 depending on location, employer and experience. There are currently close to 20,000 LVNs employed in the Los Angeles area alone.

What does an LPN training program consist of? Coursework may include Psychology, Communication, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, Patient Care, Pediatric Nursing, Maternity Nursing, Growth and Development, Nutrition, Surgical Nursing, Nursing Fundamentals, Disease, Gerontological Nursing and Rehabilitation Nursing. Nearly half of all LVN training programs are offered at community colleges in California. Adult Education facilities and High Schools account for another 25% of LVN training courses. 20% of LVN training is conducted at private schools.

Starting your career as a practical nurse in California requires only a high school diploma or GED. There are many private schools as well as community colleges that offer practical nursing programs. To find an accredited program in your area, review the currently approved training courses listed on this page. The cost of tuition is different for each program and most schools offer some sort of financial aid to help aspiring students pay for their education.

Upon enrollment in a California practical nursing program, you will receive training in a wide variety of procedures. You will learn how to take vital signs, give injections, perform lab tests, collect samples and update patient charts. There will also be training for basic care such as feeding, bathing and moving the patients. Just as there are many medical specialties, there are also areas of specialty within practical nursing, such as gerontology and pediatrics. It is best to explore different fields to find the niche that is most satisfying for you.

Once you have passed the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX-PN, you will become a licensed practical nurse that can choose from a wide variety of LPN employment positions. Hospitals have many positions available for practical nurses in various departments and the demand for capable staff is always high. But that is only the beginning, because you can also choose to work for a private medical practice, hospice care center, nursing home or in-home care environment.

Becoming a practical nurse is just the beginning of your career in health care and your potential is unlimited. Your skills will be useful in all areas of medicine from patient care to management and you can always opt to receive more specialized training in the future. The average annual salary for a California LPN is nearly $50,000 so your education can pay for itself within a year. Combined with good benefits and the satisfaction of helping others, practical nursing is a career that will last a lifetime.

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California LPN Schools

Our directory lists all California schools that currently offer approved practical nursing programs. The California state board of nursing is the regulatory organization in charge of approving LPN education programs. To gain approval, educational institutions must demonstrate to the board of nursing that their program sufficiently prepares students with the knowledge and skills expected of a licensed practical nurse. The on-going approval of a program depends largely upon their graduation rates and the NCLEX pass rates of their graduates. If a program starts to produce poor results in either of these two categories they can quickly lose their state approval or be placed on probationary approval status until their results improve.

Required LPN Classes in California

The specific course work required in practical nursing programs can differ from institution to institution. However, there are some subjects that are almost always included in most programs. Typical LPN classes include Anatomy & Physiology, Basic Nursing Skills, Nutrition, Math for Nurses, Psychology and Pharmacology. Topics covered within these subjects prepare students with the knowledge base required to perform the work of a licensed practical nurse.

How to Become an LPN in California

Start the process by researching available education programs to find one that suits your schedule and preferences. The next step is to enroll and complete an LPN training program that is approved by the California Board of Nursing. Most LPN programs take roughly one year to finish. Upon successful completion of all course requirements you are eligible to challenge the NCLEX-PN exam. After passing the test you can register with the state of California as a licensed practical nurse and begin searching for employment.