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LPN Training Programs in Holbrook AZ

See which schools offer LPN training in Holbrook Arizona

LPN Training Classes in Holbrook AZ

Practical nurses typically remain very busy throughout the day performing a variety of job functions. They provide direct assistance to Nurses and Doctors, make entries on patient medical records, keep feeding schedules and process administrative paperwork. The LPN is somewhat of a middle-man position between the primary care person and the patient. Therefore the LPN must be attentive, knowledgeable and accurate at all times.

LPNs are able to gain employment in nursing homes and clinics as well as Holbrook hospitals and private physician offices. The types of duties performed are directly related to the type of facility in which one is employed. Practical nurses working in a hospital environment will enjoy the widest variety of exposure to many different patients and scenarios. LVNs practicing in the private sector might find more highly specialized roles with a more predictable and routine workload each day.
For example, LPNs working at assisted living facilities will find themselves changing bedpans, administering medicine, bathing and feeding many patients every day.

LPN Training Schools in Holbrook (AZ)

Northland Pioneer College

PO Box 610
Holbrook, AZ 86025
Ph: 928-532-6136

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Practical Nurse Coursework

Classes will cover the fundamentals of nursing, patient data collection and how to properly take patients vital signs. Training will include coursework in anatomy, medical-surgical nursing and physiology. It is highly advisable to begin your nursing classes in Holbrook with on overall plan to complete the required courses within a set time frame. Speaking with an academic adviser about enrollment options and the most logical study path will provide prospective students with a solid framework.

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