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CNA Training Classes in Kentucky

Free guide to CNA training classes and education programs in Kentucky (KY)

A Certified Nursing Assistant or Nurse Aide (CNA), assists patients and clients with healthcare needs under the direct supervision of an RN or physician. A CNA is essential to the patient’s well-being as they are the bridge between the supervising nurse and the patient.The CNA assists the patient with grooming and hygiene, records vital signs, helps with feeding, conducts mobility exercises, and assists the registered nurse in charge. The demand for CNAs is high as many health care facilities recognize the important role that a qualified, compassionate, and professional CNA can play in providing the best quality of care for their patients, especially with regards to the elderly population. Once certification is achieved, it is possible to transfer your certification to the majority of states. If a state does not accept transfers, you usually have the option to challenge the exam. Therefore, becoming a CNA offers great flexibility in employment location. Why is certification essential for working in health care facilities? This is due to state and sometimes federal regulations. The National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) is a primary exam for CNA certification in the United States. The state exam of Kentucky needs to be completed and reported to the Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services so that your name can be added to the state nurse aide registry.

How Can I Find CNA Training Programs Near Me?

Browse our list of Kentucky schools that offer CNA training courses to become a certified nursing assistant. Nurse aide programs are usually offered at community colleges, junior colleges, trade schools and technical/vocational schools. Our directory includes as many CNA programs as possible, but is not complete as there may be additional CNA programs that are not listed here. Many long-term care facilities offer CNA training to current employees and trainees. In many cases these programs are not widely advertised, but can be found by calling the facilities directly.

How Much Can You Make as a CNA in Kentucky?

The average CNA salary in Kentucky is $42,023 per year. Possible places of employment include long term health care facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, adult care centers, hospice centers, mental health facilities and hospitals.

How to Become a CNA in Kentucky

Students can earn their CNA certification and start their career as a certified nursing assistant in less than six months. The first step is to find and complete an approved CNA training program. Each individual state sets its own required amount of credit hours necessary to become a CNA. Typical programs take around 6-12 weeks to complete and must include a minimum of 75 hours of training. The average cost of a CNA course is between $800 – $1,500. The second step is to take the Kentucky CNA certification exam and achieve a passing score. The third and final step is to register with the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Can I Transfer My CNA License to Kentucky?

If you are a certified nursing assistant from another state and have just moved to Kentucky you can apply to the Nursing Aide Registry in Kentucky for what is called “reciprocity”. As long as you can provide verification that you completed a state approved CNA certification program, are currently certified in another state, and have worked as a CNA recently. You would not need to take the Kentucky exam or training if you are granted reciprocity. All CNA licenses need to be renewed every two years and must have worked a minimum of 160 hours within those two years.

How Much Does CNA Training Cost? How Long Does it Take?

CNA training in Kentucky consists of a minimum of 75 hours of instruction, split between the classroom and a minimum of 16 hours of hands-on clinical training. An additional 8 hours of actual employment are also required. The classroom theory deals with the duties and responsibilities a CNA has to fulfill while working. The clinical training is a hands-on experience that gives the student practical exposure to the skills needed to provide proper care for their patients.

Training courses are generally affordable and take just a few weeks to complete. If a student is employed as a CNA during or shortly after their course in a facility that participates in Medicaid, the Kentucky Medicaid Program will reimburse the costs of training in part or even in full. Many CNAs go on to continue their education and become LPNs or RNs. Community colleges, The American Red Cross and nursing homes regularly provide nurse aide training. There are also many online classes you can take to complete some of the coursework. Be sure to check to see if the online courses have approval from the state of Kentucky before enrolling.

Classes you can expect to take as part of a CNA education program include:

• Basic Nursing and Clinical Skills
• Body Anatomy
• Emergency Care Procedures and Infection Control
• Nutrition and CPR Services
• Personal Care Skills
• Communication and Interpersonal skills
• Medical Terminology and Safety Techniques
• Promotion and Respect of Patients’ Rights and Independence
• Providing Hospice Care
• Providing Dementia Care
• Caring for Patients with Cognitive Disabilities
• Mental Health Care, Restorative Care and Physiology

CNA Training Programs in Kentucky (KY)

Ashland Community and Technology College Nurse Aide Class

4818 Roberts Drive, Ashland, KY 41102

Bluegrass Community and Technology College District CNA Program – Lexington

164 Opportunity Way, Lexington, KY 40511

Bowling Green Technical College – Glasgow

129 State Avenue, Glasgow, KY 42141

Elizabethtown Community and Technology College

620 College Street Road, Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Hazard Community and Technology College Nursing Assistant Program

101 Vo-Tech Drive, Hazard, KY 41701

Henderson Community College Nursing Assistant Course2660 South Green Street, Henderson, KY 42420

Madisonville Community College – Health Campus

750 North Laffoon Street, Madisonville, KY 42431

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technology College – Pineville Campus

3300 South Hwy 25 East, Pineville, KY 40977

St. Catharine College

2735 Bardstown Rd., St. Catharine, KY 40061

West Kentucky Community and Technical College CNA Course Paducah

4810 Alben Barkley Drive, Paducah, KY 42002