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Sybil Morneau Author Bio

Sybil Morneau is a Registered Nurse (R.N.) and expert author writing exclusively for NursesLink.org on a variety of topics including trends in nursing education, school recommendations, study tips and career planning. Sybil has been working as an RN for nearly a decade in a multitude of different roles such as emergency room nurse, dialysis nurse, supervisor positions and general practice.

Sybil-MorneauGrowing up in a small suburb in Illinois afforded Sybil a peaceful childhood. Her interest in helping others developed at an early age when she realized a strong desire to care for her injured friends. When a classmate fell and scarped their knee or sprained their finger playing ball Sybil had a genuine interest in aiding that individual. This characteristic would later combine with a curiosity for medicine and rehabilitation and ultimately lead Sybil to pursue a career in nursing.

Sybil started her career outside of Chicago in a public hospital working in the trauma unit. After two years of intense work in one of the most challenging units in a hospital she moved on to accept a dialysis nursing position at a smaller hospital and treatment center in the Minneapolis area. Sybil’s work has consistently progressed and she has evolved as a Registered Nurse and added many areas of expertise to her resume. She is currently working as an RN in a general practice role and also writing informative articles for the NursesLink.org website.

Many of Sybil’s articles include a large amount of research into current trends in nursing education, changes in license requirements and specific state education and training requirements. Her articles are designed to help nursing students navigate their pathway to the education or training program that is best for them. By providing detailed and current information about becoming an LPN, RN or CNA, Sybil’s work helps answer many students questions about nursing education.

You can contact Sybil directly via email: [email protected]