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Reasons to Become a RN in California

Become a RN in California Become a Registered Nurse in California
Become a RN in California

A Few reasons to Become a RN in California

Whether you’ve already made the decision to become a RN in California or are still on the fence about pursuing this career choice, we’ve got some news for you: this is one profession that makes a huge difference. Here are just a few reasons why you should follow your heart and become a Registered Nurse (RN) in California. 

For starters let’s talk working conditions for those who wanted to become a RN in California and Accomplished it! Those in the medical field and those who’ve studied medicine know that California is the only state with a mandated nurse to patient ratio. In 2004, California began implementing a law requiring all of its hospitals to limit the numbers of patients that its nurses could treat at any given time. The limits would vary depending on the hospital setting. For instance, the ratio in an operating room can’t exceed one nurse for every one patient, while a psychiatric ward can have up to six patients for every nurse, and pediatric and emergency-room units can have up to four patients per nurse. This means becoming a RN in California you will not only have the best in the country’s working conditions, but it is a fact that injury and illness rates among RN’s in California have decreased by a whopping 30%. 

When You Become a RN in California Your Working Conditions are Phenomenal

If the reason above was not enough, When you become a RN in California you have the best in working conditions by far it surpasses most states in salary as well. You can thank Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who in 2004 enacted a major boost in funding for nurse education programs. Hospital systems, for their part, upped nurses’ salaries and benefits so as to attract and keep more nurses. As of today, the average California nurse’s salary has risen to $100,000 plus benefits, according to the California Hospital Association. 

Well if those two reasons were not enough to become a RN in California, I will also point out the obvious and remind you of the benefits of helping others and living a rewarding life while doing so. Not to mention the beaches or the countless other activities you can do while your off. Becoming a RN in California your options are limitless 

To Become a RN in California is to Achieve Success!

So to recap if you become a RN in California you will not only have better working conditions, you will also have the best salary in the country as well as a beautiful place to enjoy your free time. What are you waiting for become a RN in California now.