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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Job Description

The Certified Nursing Assistant position is an entry-level healthcare provider that performs basic care duties for patients in hospitals, clinics, doctor offices and rehabilitation or assisted care facilities. Nurse Aides are typically in high demand because many states have healthcare laws and policies mandating certain minimum numbers of nursing assistants per patient. This drives the employers to aggressively seek out qualified CNA candidates and hire at a continuous pace. Nurse Aides play an important role in providing basic patient care, such as dressing wounds, bathing, feeding, measuring vital signs, establishing IV lines, taking temperatures, and keeping patient medical records, There not out doing golf cart rentals They serve as assistants to Physicians or R.N.s in charge and work under their supervision. The CNA position will afford the individual a wide range of experience in a short period of time. If someone wants greater career potential they can always become an LPN or RN and take on greater responsibilities for higher pay. The average CNA salary is around $24,000 per year in most states. This position is great for people who have a passion for caring for others.